How To Clean Stains On A Mattress

Did you know that deep and regular sleep is vital to memory, general health, and learning? There is nothing that says have a good night sleep like clean bedding and a clean mattress. A stained mattress is not only a source of discomfort due to the odor it produces, but it also gives the wrong impression if spotted by visitors. The article below provides insight on how to clean stains on a mattress.

Different stains require different methods. For example, you can use salt and hydrogen peroxide to clean a dry blood stain, but the same won’t be as effective in cleaning simple or unidentified stains. While a mattress can be stained accidentally by blood or urine, even after cleaning it, it is vital to vacuum and air it to ensure it stays clean and loses the odor that comes with some stains.Here are a few ways to get rid of different stains on your favorite mattress.

1. Fresh Blood Stains

For fresh blood stains, use baking soda; it is cheap and safe to use at home. Start by mixing one part baking soda with two parts of water in a bowl until they form a solution. After that, use a clean cloth to apply the solution on the stained area of your mattress then wait for 30 minutes.

Dip a piece of cloth in cold water and rinse thoroughly before using a dry towel to help absorb the moisture. The stain should be gone by now. Ensure your mattress is dry before using it again.

2. Dry Urine Stain

Wet the stained area just enough to dilute the urine odor then sprinkle it with borax. Rub the borax onto the stain and ensure that it gets beneath the surface. Seeing that borax has mild toxicity just like baking soda, you can use gloves to prevent skin damage. After that, allow the stain to dry be exposing the mattress to sunlight or using a fan before vacuuming the powder off the mattress.

3. Removing Ink Stains

Your baby might stumble upon your pen and spill some ink on your mattress. You can remove it by using cheap hairspray. Spray the stain then sprinkle some water lightly and blot. After the ink is removed from the mattress, allow it to dry and if there still are traces repeat the process.

Alternatively, you can blot an upholstery cleaner on the stain until it is diminished then allow the mattress to dry again.

4. Dried Blood Stains

There is no method more efficient in removing dried blood stains than through the paste below. It ensures that no moisture is absorbed into your mattress efficiently getting rid of dampness. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt, ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of cornstarch until it turns into a paste.

Apply the paste with a spoon on the stained area and let it dry entirely. Scrape away the excess paste then vacuum the area to remove the remaining paste. If all the stains are not removed by now, repeat the process.

5. Formula for almost all Mattress Stains

This method is guaranteed to remove most stains on your mattress, so if the methods above do not cover the stain you have, follow these instructions keenly. You will need 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, funnel, and a measuring cup, one drop of liquid hand dish washing soap, a measuring cup, and three tablespoons of baking soda.

Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle but be sure to add the drop of dish soap last to make the solution bubbly. Also, mix the ingredients when you are ready to spray the mattress since the solution is highly potent when used instantly. Shake the solution and spray it on the mattress, the stain should disappear in 5-10 minutes.

Years ago, stains on the mattress were hard to remove, and a stained mattress was an excuse for a new mattress. However, compounds such as hydrogen peroxide have shown just how easy it is to clean stains and leave your mattress looking good as new.

How do I remove soda from my mattress?

You can remove a soda stain by mixing hot water and soap then blotting the stained area before leaving the mattress to dry.

Can I eliminate fecal stains from a mattress?

Yes, you can. Mix water with baking soda to make a paste, apply it on the stained area and leave it overnight. Vacuum the area in the morning to remove the baking soda.

The paste dried on the mattress so hard I can’t remove it, what to do?

Try softening the paste with some water then scrape it off.

The Bottom Line

As you can very well see, staining your mattress shouldn’t necessarily be an excuse to buy a new one. With a little grit, patience and hydrogen peroxide paste, your bed can be as clean as new. That said, it is still advisable to take good care of your mattress by fitting it with a removable/washable cover just in case you soil it accidentally.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Mattress

Bed bugs are oval shaped, brownish colored insects that are small in size. They are parasites that live by feeding on the blood of animals and humans. Their bodies are flat and their size is similar to an apple seed. Nevertheless, their bodies swell after they feed and turn into a reddish color. These organisms do not fly but they swiftly move on surfaces. Bed bugs are irritating but they do not cause diseases.

Nonetheless, they can give you sleepless nights and leave spots and marks on your body. After biting you, the place feels itchy for more than an hour. It is due to this that you should not let them terrorize you in your own house. You can get rid of bed bugs without spending a fortune. You do not need to replace your mattress or hire an exterminator to get rid of them. Follow the tips below to bring back a quality nights sleep.

  • Alleviate clutter
  • Get rid of infested linens and garments
  • Disassemble the bed frame
  • Get rid of dresser drawers
  • Clean the room
  • Caulk and seal

Alleviate clutter

When getting rid of bed bugs, the room needs to be clear. You should, therefore, remove anything that can act as a hideout for bed bugs. This means that any personal item like soft toys, electronic and blankets should be out of the room. You should also get rid of any item that is temporarily placed in the room. However, you should not overlook the fact that those items can transfer bedbugs to another room. Have them in plastic bags and relocate them elsewhere.

Get rid of infested linens and garments

An insecticide cannot treat infested bed linen and garments. Therefore, you need to launder them in hot water. If this is not possible, consider heating them in clothes dry for some minutes.

Disassemble the bed frame

Disassembling a bed frame exposes the hiding and breeding sites of a bed bug. Search for bed bugs all over using a flashlight. In case of any torn fabrics, remove them before spraying. Bed bugs might hide there. If your box springs and mattress have bed bugs consider purchasing an encasement. These encasement’s do not allow bed bugs to enter or exit. With these encasement’s, you do not have to treat the mattress or box spring.

Get rid of dresser drawers

One thing about bed bugs is that they love hiding in wooden materials. Therefore, if you have drawers in desks and dressers, get rid of them. Remove the drawers and search for bed bugs. Turn your furniture over and keenly inspect when cleaning all hiding spots. You should also ensure that all furniture is far from the walls.

Clean the area

Insecticides do not completely treat bed bug eggs. Therefore, use a stiff brush to dislodge those eggs. Spray the room with insecticide and close doors and windows. After an hour, vacuum the area extensively. A vacuum hose attachment should help you to thoroughly vacuum crevices and cracks. Vacuum furniture, rails, foot boards, headboards, tufts, edges of bedding and bed stands. You should also not forget to vacuum along baseboards, bed seams, buttons and carpet edges.

Vacuum all cracks and crevices for better insecticide penetration. Bedbugs tightly cling to surfaces. This is why you should scrape the end of the vacuum attachment over infested areas when vacuuming. This practice will get rid of bed bugs by pulling them out. It is not recommendable to use brush bristle attachment. This is because there is a risk of transferring bed bugs to other places as they cling to brushes. You should also dispose of the vacuum cleaner bags in an outdoor trashcan once you are through.

Caulk and seal

Once you are done spraying and vacuuming, it is advisable to seal all cracks and crevices. Caulk all holes in the floor and walls and cracks around baseboards. This will go a long way in reducing the harboring areas.

With these simple steps, you can definitely get rid of bed bugs effortlessly. You will not have to spend a fortune for this. No one needs bed bugs and their itchy bites. To get rid of them completely, follow the above steps and solve that stressful problem for good. All the best!!!

How To Get The Healthy Mattress

Getting adequate and high-quality sleep is one of the critical things you should count on for better health. Great sleep helps to reset your body after a long and tiresome day. It also controls stress and balances hormones. Therefore, a great sleep gives you a lot of health benefits. You cannot afford to miss them. Restless sleep, on the other hand, can lead to weight gain. It can also cause higher chronic diseases risk, and impaired functioning. This implies that you should focus on getting a good sleep at night for a better health.

However, for better sleep you need a high quality and healthy mattress. This is the first step of having a great night sleep. Some of the mattresses impact your health negatively. To avoid this, here is a comprehensive guide on how to get a healthy mattress. Watch out for the following components in your new mattress. Click here to get a deluxe mattress that will provide wonderful sleeping experiences. Read this content to the end for more insight.

Avoid synthetic material

When buying mattress and beddings, most people concentrate on price and comfort. This is not wrong. However, these two factors are also easy to find in synthetic materials. These materials make mattresses that meet all sleeping needs for everyone. Nonetheless, they have a downside of having a negative impact on your health. Mattresses made with synthetic materials are mostly characterized by the following;

  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Poor breathability
  • Skin reactions

Off-gassing chemicals

On the market today, most of the mattresses available contain huge amounts of synthetic materials. Some of these materials include toxic glues and polyurethane foam. Such chemicals consist huge amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These VOCs find their way into the air. This raises the concentration of these compounds in your room as compared to the outside. As a result, you can suffer from conditions like cancer, liver issues, and asthma. This is why manufacturers recommend that you air your new mattress. Air it for 2-4 days before sleeping on it.

Spring coils

Is your bedroom constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF)? If yes, you need to avoid using the spring coils mattress. These spring metals found in a mattress can act as antennas for non-native EMF. Some of the things that emit harmful EMF include wifi routers, baby monitors, wall wiring, appliances, smart meters, cell phone towers and cell phones. Night exposure to nnEMF has been related to poor sleep quality and insomnia conditions.

Flame retardants

The mattresses on sale today are making lots of sales by mentioning that they feature flame retardant. There is a positive side about this and worse still, there is a negative side to it. The negative side about flame retardants is that they affect your health. They attach themselves to dust particles and find their way into the air once the mattress is compressed. Inhaling these chemicals for a long time results in thyroid health issues, fertility problems, cancer, obesity and impaired brain function conditions among others. Therefore, when looking for a healthy mattress, avoid those ones with flame retardants.

The above are some of the things that you should look out for when buying a healthy mattress. When buying a mattress, features that bring comfort when sleeping tend to be the priority. This results in most people overlooking any health concern. A healthy mattress not only boosts your sleep quality but also keeps you from harmful health conditions.

How Does a Mattress Give You Restful Night Sleep?

A restful night sleep is very important as it affects your physical and mental health directly. If you fail to get a restful night sleep, your daytime energy, emotional balance and productivity are affected. Therefore, tossing and turning all night long affects your wake up life immensely. The quality of your sleep most of the times depends on your mattress. How does a mattress give you restful night sleep? This is what you will learn from this concept. Click here to get most comfortable mattress. Read to the end for more information.

Signs that your mattress is affecting your sleep quality negatively

  • Waking up tired in the morning
  • Having better sleep on other beds like in a hotel or in a relative’s place
  • Sleeping at a particular place on your mattress for better sleep
  • Having a mattress that makes a lot of noise when you lie on it
  • Sensing sagging, springs, and lumps when you sleep
  • Getting sleep faster on a sofa than the mattress

If you can relate to most of the points above, then it is time you replace your mattress. Your sleep is critical for a quality life. Various factors determine whether your mattress will give you a restful night sleep or not. They include the following;

  • Motion isolation
  • Temperature
  • Pressure points elimination
  • Firmness

Motion isolation

Are you a couple sleeping on the same mattress? If yes, your partner may disturb your sleep if they keep turning at night. The right mattress will keep the effect of their movement in check. This is in such a way that you will not feel them move. However, with the wrong mattress, you will feel every bit of their movement on the bed. This will cost you a peaceful night sleep and this will affect the quality of your day in return.


When it comes to a mattress giving you a restful night sleep the mattress temperature matters. People can affect their temperatures right before they sleep. This can affect their sleep quality with long and restless nights. However, the right mattress will always control this all night long. Such mattresses maintain the perfect temperature, giving you a deep night sleep. The right mattress will have adequate air flow to enhance their breathability. Such a feature ensures that you get a restful night and a productive day.

Pressure points relief

There are mattresses that boost your sleep quality by eliminating pressure points. This ensures that you do not suffer from back, neck, hip and shoulder pains in the morning. These mattresses ensure that they contour to your body’s shape and size perfectly for better sleep. The parts of your body that exert lots of pressure on the mattress are relieved to give you comfort. The mattress material affects the effect of this feature. Therefore, this effect differs from one mattress to the other.


The firmness of a mattress is critical in ensuring that you get a deep night sleep. The right mattress firmness enhances support and comfort in your sleep. The right firmness is mostly determined by your weight and your sleeping position.

If you have been wondering how a mattress gives you a restful night sleep, the above factors explain this. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you buy a mattress with the right features to enhance your sleep quality. This is because your sleep quality affects your day’s productivity.

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Mattress for You

Are you in search of a new mattress? Do not lose your sleep over this. Here is the ultimate guide which will direct you to your perfect mattress. To buy the ideal mattress, you need to consider a number of factors. These factors include the following;

  • Budget
  • Body weight
  • Mattress life
  • Firmness
  • Mattress type
  • Sleeping position

Mattress type

In most cases, personal preferences determine the type of mattress to buy. There are various mattress types available on the market today. This might make this decision a little bit hard for you. However, with this guide, you will manage to make an informed decision on the type of mattress to buy.


These mattresses contain polyurethane foams, memory foam, coils, and latex among other materials. They maximize certain benefits and minimize some cons. The mattresses are ideal for people who need an all round mattress. This means a mattress that is cool, comfortable, with great bounce and supportive.


These mattresses are comfortable and cool. The mattress is ideal for people who need a great bounce, great responsiveness, and coolness. If you want to avoid the pronounced contour and hug, this is the mattress for you


An innerspring mattress with more coils has great support and comfort. These mattresses are ideal for sleepers who need a great bounce, strong edge support, coolness and the traditional spring/coil feel. Need a good comfortable innerspring mattress? Visit

Memory foam

These mattresses offer profound pressure relief, body contouring, and support. The mattress is perfect for people who want great support, pressure relief, body contouring and shaping, and a great hug.


These are the mattresses with an ability to adjust their sleeping positions. Some of them can offer massage, vibrate or heat up. They are perfect for sleepers with unique needs of an adjustable foundation. For example, snorers, chronic lower back pain patients, and old people among others.


These are the mattresses with a soft material layer sewn into the cover or stuffed on the cover. The mattresses are ideal for sleepers in need of additional and softer cushion comfort.


This is a factor that varies from individual to another. With the numerous mattress companies available today, you do not have to spend a fortune for a high-quality mattress. There are lots of great mattresses at reasonable and fair prices. As a matter of fact, when buying a mattress, you should know that the price tag does not equate quality.

Sleeping position

Sleeping positions vary per individual. You may be a side, back or stomach sleeper. Sometimes, you might have a little bit of each once in a while. Buy a mattress that supports your sleeping style. Side sleepers require soft to medium firmness level in a mattress. This is because they change their sleeping position often.

Stomach sleepers should look for a mattress that will offer great support. The mattress should provide equal support across your body. This will help to maintain proper spine alignment when sleeping. Back sleepers, on the other hand, should look for a firm mattress with great support. The mattress should offer pressure points relief to avoid suffering from back pains in the morning.

Selecting the right mattress on the market today may be a challenge. However, with this guide, you can now make an informed decision when replacing your mattress. Considering the above factors will go a long way in helping you pick the best mattress. All the best!!!